Friday, May 27, 2016

Tips for Fishing Lipless Crankbaits

Lipless crankbaits are versatile hard baits that can be fished throughout the year by varying the color pattern, size and retrieves used…

Though good just about anytime, lipless crankbaits really shine during those times of year when bass are actively chasing schooled baitfish, especially in the fall!

Here are some great tips from FLW Touring Pro, Scott Suggs on the equipment and approaches to fishing lipless crankbaits on sloping structures…


Friday, May 20, 2016

Effective Strategies For River Bass Fishing

River Bass Fishing Tips – Effective Strategies For River Bass Fishing

By Lonnie Sallas

River Bass fishing is very popular due to the easy accessibility that fishing in the river provides. Oftentimes to reach the best fishing spots in a lake, you need a boat. But this is not the case with bass fishing in the river. But there are some differences to bass fishing in the river. The following quick tips for river bass fishing should remind you of these differences and help you land more fish.

Ask the local bait store what the bass have been biting on.  Common natural river baits include minnows, shad, crayfish, and worms among others.  Follow the recommendation of the local bait store, and fish with either that live bait, or throw lures that resemble what the fish have been feeding on.

Downsize your offering.  While river bass fishing remember that generally speaking, the bass will be smaller than in the lake.  This is due to a variety of factors including them having to swim against current, size of water body, and availability of food.  You will find that jigs that you use to catch Crappie on the lake, will be very effective for Bass on the river.

Cast upstream and reel your bait back slowly letting the current carry it downstream.  Bass position themselves with their head upstream waiting for their prey to come floating down the river.  Remember if you cast downstream, and reel back upstream, the fish is going to have to fight the current to catch up with your bait.

River Bass fishing can be outstanding in the early spring.  During the early spring bass will run up the river and into the feeder creeks to spawn where the water is warmer.  Go fishing from late February to late April for your best opportunity for a good catch.

Fish around deeper holes in the river and around structure.  The bass love to stage around these areas because the current is not as strong.

Fish the shallower water in the morning and just before dark or on cloudy days.  Fish the deeper holes later in the day or on bright sunny days.  A good technique is to cast your lure on shore, and bring back into the water slowly.  Many times you will find a bass waiting to swallow it.

Remember these differences in river bass fishing and lake bass fishing so that you can be effective on your next river Bass fishing trip.

River Bass fishing can be a blast. The bass are strong and the bite can be fast and furious. I hope that these river Bass fishing tips help you land more fish.

But if you would like to learn more about river bass fishing and lake bass fishing, then who better to learn from than a 3 time angler of the year and member of the Professional Bass Hall of Fame. Bill Dance has come out with a Bass fishing DVD series called the Complete Bass Fishing Course. Bill teaches you how to catch bass from A-Z in a very simple and understandable manner. I encourage you to check it out.

Don’t overlook river bass fishing. Go fish today and take someone you love with you!

Article Source: River Bass Fishing Tips – Effective Strategies For River Bass Fishing

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Determining Drop Shot Leader Length

Does the length of your dropshot leader (distance between hook and weight) really matter?

Interesting question isn’t it but how do you answer it?

Many folks say that it can but here is a little underwater video proof from the folks at Hook n’ Look Splash…

Looks like adjusting the length of the distance from the hook to the weight can make a difference when fishing the drop shot!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fishing Weeds with Lipless Crankbaits

It’s summertime and for many bass anglers, the fishing might not be so easy; especially if they’re not good at fishing weeds.

This is the time of year where weed beds dominate a majority of our rivers and lakes so knowing every weed fishing trick definitely helps save many trips during the dog days of summer.

One bait often overlooked for fishing weed beds are lipless crankbaits since many anglers think the exposed hooks hang to often. Truth be told, they can be great assets when fishing weed beds if used properly.

Take a moment and watch the following video produced by the folks at Tackle Grab (now closed) as they explain the best equipment, approach and retrieves to use when using lipless crankbaits in the weeds…

Are the weedbeds flushed out on your favorite pond?

Time to get those lipless cranks out if so!